About Us

About the Meadows:

  • Located in the beautiful Western Ghats, the dwelling of nature and greenery, Chitrakuta Meadows welcomes people who want a retreat into the lush comforts of nature and at the same time seek adventure!
  • Situated on the main road en-route Kodachadri hills, The Meadows is spacious and luxurious containing 4 homes where all are bath attached with 24 hour cold/hot water facility
  • Total area of each home is “400” Sq. feet which can accommodate 4 to 6 persons, with Well furnished spacious Bedroom, Dressing room, Tidy and Hygienic Bathrooms.
  • A lovely spacious Veranda opens up to a Panoramic view of nature and green paddy fields, surrounded by Areca nut and Banana plantations, that helps you unwind and recharge with new zeal
  • The Meadows also offers a chance to play sports and games like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, and also encourages traditionally played games like Lagori (7 stones), Gilli Danda, and also Chouka Baara (Ludo), Kavade (shells) and Pagade Aata (Game of dice)
  • The true essence of nature can be experienced with experts taking us through an expedition through our own Areca nut, Banana and Cardamom plantations, and also listening to the tweeting, chirping birds, screeching crickets and drilling and drumming of the woodpeckers