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About Us

About the Meadows: Located in the beautiful Western Ghats, the dwelling of nature and greenery, Chitrakuta Meadows welcomes people who want a retreat into the lush comforts of nature and at the same time seek adventure! Situated on the main road en-route Kodachadri hills, The Meadows is spacious and luxurious containing 4 homes where all are bath attached with 24 hour cold/hot water facility Total area of each home is “400” Sq. feet which can accommodate 4 to 6 persons, with Well furnished spacious Bedroom, Dressing room, Tidy and Hygienic Bathrooms. A lovely spacious Veranda opens up to a Panoramic view of nature and green paddy fields, surrounded by Areca nut and Banana plantations, that helps you unwind and recharge with new zeal The Meadows also offers a chance to play sports and games like Volleyball, Badminton, Cricket, and also encourages traditionally played games like Lagori (7 stones), Gilli Danda, and also Chouka Baara (Ludo), Kavade (shells) and Pagade Aata (Game of dice) The true essence of nature can be experienced with experts taking us through an expedition through our own Areca nut, Banana and Cardamom plantations, and also listening to the tweeting, chirping birds, screeching crickets and drilling and drumming of the woodpeckers



Tourist Attractions


Believed to be one of the 7 pilgrim centres created by Parashurama, the temple is devoted to Mookambika. The temple is at the banks of the river Souparnika and right in the middle of thick Western Ghat forests. Devotees from all over the country throng this temple,which is famous for shakti. Kollur is only 30 km from The Meadows, with frequent travel arrangements, on request

Kodachadri Hills

At a height of 1350 meters above sea level, Kodachadri hills are one of the highest peaks in the Western Ghats. Declared as a National Heritage Site by the Govt., Kodachadri offers avast variety of flora and fauna. Sarvajna Peetha, established by Sri Shankaracharya, is believed to be the moola sthaana (origin) of Sri Mookambika Devi. This is a 2 km trek with a lot of adventure and nature along side. There are many caves, like the Chitramoola and Ganesha Guha, to name a few. Kodachadri is just 10 km from The Meadows, and is reachable on road or special assistance is provided for trek by experts.

Hidlumane Falls

is another adventurous trek but only to end as a treat to the eyes and soul.

Other places of interest


The abode of Sri Chowdeshwari and situatued in the backwaters of the river Sharavati, this place is believed by many to be very powerful and a Goddess who bestows her blessings on everyone. Located about 58 km from The Meadows, cabs and taxis are arranged at a nominal fare especially for the tourists.

Jog Falls

The world famous cascade formed by the confluence of the 4 entities Raja, Rani, Roarer and Rocket, is located around 60 km from The Meadows. Also known as Gerusoppa Falls, where the Sharavati, flowing over a very rocky bed about 250 yards wide, here reaches a tremendous chasm, 290 m (960 ft) in depth, the water comes down in four distinct falls. Jog is the 2 highest plunge waterfall in India and is a main source of electricity in this region. Located around 60 km from The Meadows, cabs are easily made available for plying the tourists.

Nagara Fort

The fort, built by the Keladi rulers in the 16 Century gives a glimpse of the engineering flair in those days, where the water from the nearby lake was used to circulate around, in view of safety from enemies. Located around 16 km from The Meadows, taxis and cabs are made available for the tourists.


  • There is a separate kitchen available with expert chefs who treat us with special “Malenaad” specialities like Kottige (Banana leaf Idlis), Tambuli, Pattrode, Neer Dosa,Uddina Dosa, Gojju, Joni Bella, Guli Appa (Paddu), tarakari payasa and various mouth-watering dishes. Also we have an array dishes made from Jackfruits (seasonal), all from our own backyard.
    • In addition to this, special “Nimberasa” and hot “Kashaaya” are also one among the top sought-after beverages in the Malenaad region.

      The Meadows also houses a “Goushaala” which is also a home for rare breed desi-cows, with a center that has expertise in bringing up medicines specially made from cow and other ayurvedic extracts, that can cure many diseases.

      Specialized guides with knowledge about the local land terrain to take us on Adventure treks to the "Soojipura gudda" (hillock), "Gowri teertha" (pond which bubbles when clapped), Arecanut farms, etc.,

      A fleet of bicycles are introduced for us to take a cycling expedition in and around the area, for an exclusive interface with nature and its creations.

      Conducted tours to places like Kodachadri, Kollur, Sigandoor and Ramachandrapura Mutt headed by Sri. Shankaracharya Raghaveswara Bharathi Swamiji where we can see all varieties of Indian cows under one roof Special pooja arrangements and visits can be made available to the guests.

      Plenty of parking space available with trained security personnel manning the entry and exits – a safe haven; a home, away from home.

    • Unique to The Meadows Malnad cultural event KOLAATA is organized for evening entertainment of the guests (With prior booking only) YAKSHAGAANA, another folk art of Karnataka is also organized on request (With prior booking only) The Meadows can also serve as a Conferences/Planning Meets, where a bulk booking can be done to accommodate up to 20 people (availed on prior appointment) Motor boat facility in the beautiful back waters of “Bhilsagara” can be arranged for the tourists, which is just 8 kms from The Meadows Naturally produced spices like cardamom, honey from homegrown honeycomb and other food grains like rice etc… are also offered specially for the guests Vehicles shall be arranged for visiting the places of choice/ interest nearby at actual costs. Free pick up and drops are arranged to and from SAMPEKATTE, state highway point (5 kms from The Meadows) We also organize religious Pujas, Yagas and Yagnas, Tantric Rituals, Yoga and Siddha treatments etc… The Meadows is purely a Vegetarian Food Home stay.


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